Tuesday 30 June 2009


This year is apparently a yellow year, so it's fitting that I have found inspiration in my stash....yellow and grey.

Just perfect for the sketch I have in mind. I was thinking all yesterday, and was torn between applique or stenciling for this quilt and I even dug out some great greys to applique with...but as I spent more time working on the design, it was just so obvious that it had to be a stencil quilt! The yellow is a beautiful rich butter tone in silk linen, and I am excited with what will come of it. I also can't believe how good stash busting still feels...and what treasures can be found tucked away and forgotten.

I am inspired and ready to stencil. This quilt is taking shape quite quickly so I will keep you posted...

Monday 29 June 2009

Morning Inspirations

It's nice to have some sunshine to work with in the morning. I've been busy designing my latest quilt - as yet still unnamed. I do consider that quilt names are important and sometimes I know the title right away, and other times, like my latest design I think I'm going to have to decide only when I've seen it finished on the wall! What is it? Well, it's still a sketch, but it's one of those quilts that seem to be in a hurry - I'll be working on it right away until it's finished.

This is what my designing morning looks like: a bit of a mess! Just leafing through ideas and finding ways to link new ideas to existing fabrics. Whenever I see a fabric I love in a shop, I am just so sure that I will be using it in a hurry - and you know what happens - it's so predictable. It sits on my shelf! Well I'm still commited to stash busting, so I'm going to work through my stash today and FIND and DIG OUT some serious inspiration!

Tuesday 16 June 2009

Ring of Roses

This is a front pic of Ring of Roses.

I've been a little lapse with my blogging I'm afraid - I'm in the zone of designing at the moment and the days are going past!

I really can't believe that I just posted the 8th block in the Red Delicious Mystery BOM! How has the time flown! I've enjoyed seeing what so many quilters have done with Red Delicious, so as we draw closer to to finishing the Mystery, I become more and more excited.

Unfortunately, 8 blocks also means 8 months that I havent managed to brush up on my EQ6 skills.....yet......

Monday 15 June 2009


Having Difficulty Printing out Block 8?

I've heard that some of you are experiencing difficulties printing from the Scribd.com. website. I'm sorry to hear this and have been looking into it today.

I don't know why this is happening as the file is fine and I've had it double checked. I have been advised that if you want to easily print out the block, simply select the "download" tab and select PDF. The file will then download to your PDF reader for easy printing.

Hope this helps!

Wednesday 10 June 2009

RIng of Roses

Ring of Roses is finished (phew, just last week!) and is having it's first outing at the Sydney Quilt Show!
What can I say? I love last minute quilting! Now you know why my blog has been a little quiet - I have a habit of working in waves...
Thought I'd share some pics.

Tuesday 2 June 2009

Manor House

There is something I look forward to everytime a quilt of mine is featured as a project in a magzine - and that's the professional photo that gets taken.

I am really a bit too lax with my quilt catalogue, often it's just to hard to snap everything hanging nice and staright with good detail. When I photograph at home, there's always the issue of size (and getting a straight shot) as well as lighting...so I really like it when I can get that shot in a mag!

If anyone is interested in making this applique quilt - it's being featured over two issues

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