Monday 29 June 2009

Morning Inspirations

It's nice to have some sunshine to work with in the morning. I've been busy designing my latest quilt - as yet still unnamed. I do consider that quilt names are important and sometimes I know the title right away, and other times, like my latest design I think I'm going to have to decide only when I've seen it finished on the wall! What is it? Well, it's still a sketch, but it's one of those quilts that seem to be in a hurry - I'll be working on it right away until it's finished.

This is what my designing morning looks like: a bit of a mess! Just leafing through ideas and finding ways to link new ideas to existing fabrics. Whenever I see a fabric I love in a shop, I am just so sure that I will be using it in a hurry - and you know what happens - it's so predictable. It sits on my shelf! Well I'm still commited to stash busting, so I'm going to work through my stash today and FIND and DIG OUT some serious inspiration!

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