Thursday 14 May 2009

Red Delicious Update

It's the 15th again!
This month it's time to work on the filler blocks: 'Swirly Give & Take Blocks'
The perfect opportunity to get through some more reds!
And....only 4 blocks to go...
Apologies for the 'quality' quilt image above: as you can see, my EQ6 studies have NOT progressed since I started this mystery BOM and my example above is simply a cut and paste job! Yes, I know that EQ6 can create lovely quilt diagrams...I'm just not there yet

I've used the same fabric for all 3 blocks, please do experiment and change if you wish - I just know that there will be some great reds to swirl with...I think smaller print work best. Once again I'm looking forward to seeing what the Red Delicious Yahoo Group members do with this one! The photo albums are just a DELIGHT, absolutely inspiring

Monday 27 April 2009

Thanks Pam!

Pam Holland has added a gallery of Paducah images on her blog - and it's fantastic. If you are interested in seeing some of the creativity and talent on display, drop by: you won't be disappointed!
I am very happy to see that Peony Pride was hanging nicely this year- I always wonder if my quilt will hang thanks Pam for sharing this great resource with us all.

Sunday 26 April 2009

Thursday 23 April 2009


Renaissance Revival, Mariya Waters, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Congratulations to Mariya!
For those of you lucky enough to have seen this quilt up close, you'll know just how much work and dedication has gone into this magnificent quilt. You can read all about it here on Mariya's website:
I'm doubly lucky as I know Mariya personally and it's so nice to know someone who has taken out this prestigious award...congratulations to all the quilters who received at award at this years show.
As for me?...oh well, there's always next year...and frankly, I'm just happy to have hung at such a prestigious show

Monday 20 April 2009

Quilt Festival Spring 2009...Nightshade


Spring Quilt Festival 2009 - What a great idea. We all have a favourite quilt, and here is mine so far - Nightshade.

Made in 2007, Nightshade is entirely stencilled from my own original line drawings. This quilt is my favourite because it taught me to appreciate cool tones (I'm an earthy hue person usually) and it expanded what I thought could be done with the stencilling technique in quilting. And I'm still learning...

Stencilling is actually a traditional quilting technique, it was practiced by the earliest quilters...yet it seems that it's also somewhat forgotten noawadays - or looked upon as a 'new take' for quilting. With Nightshade I wanted to honor this history and create something entirely original without looking too modern.

A lot of people regard stencilling as a fast track to making quilts - but actually it's a true labor of love and I can assure you that a stencil quilt takes me as long as an applique quilt does. The pleasure lies in having total control over your design (it's printing your own fabrics!) and the cost is also comparable to purchasing quilting fabrics. Stencilling is something you do when you want to have a totally hands on creation.

I thoroughly enjoy stencilling and I'm not finished in this technique yet, but for me, Nightshade was a turning in point in my quilting journey.

Interested in hearing about other Quilter's favourite quilts and the stories behind them? Visit the Spring 2009 Festival here and browse through for an afternoon of great reading and inspiration. Thank you Amy for coming up with this, it's a fabulous idea! :

Tuesday 14 April 2009

Yes, it's BOM time again

Red Delicious Delight is launched!

...and is it just me or are the months going by faster?

Wednesday 8 April 2009

Baking is my Inspiration

When I should be getting ready for some Easter baking, I've been getting stuck into some Easter sketching instead...
Inspiration strikes at funny times.
Sometimes in my household, I'm accused of having selective hearing and today I think I've self diagnosed a serious case of selective inspiration, as I'd rather be sketching Easter applique designs than getting my Easter shopping done!
I have a feeling that this will end in a long queue at Coles tomorrow....
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