Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Finding out about the Flange

Thank you to everyone who left comments on my previous post. I really appreciate the insight.....I think I now know what a 'flange' is, its the border width, which I never noticed was the judge sheet stated it is.
Taking out the quilt, I still couldnt see any uneveness with my eye, but I measured it....and there is a minor difference! My eyes are opened!
I've included a shot above of the border edge, where the flange is....I'm assuming its the edge sliver of gold trim just before the binding. So there you go, you learn something new every day.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Esther's Occassional Quote for the Day

Monday, 18 August 2008

The meaning of excellence??

I know this is a can of worms that I probably shouldnt even open....but I cant help it (what can I say? I dont like keeping secrets!), reading quilt appraisals is a guilty pleasure of mine.

Now, don't get me wrong, I often disagree....(I mostly disagree)...more often than not, I feel that I dont get frank or informative feedback from judges....but no matter what, when a judge's statement comes through the door, I'm all over it, reading every line. This is a good and a bad thing - for me, I want to know what the judges honest (good or bad!) opinion is, because I think it helps me improve. I look back on quilts from a few years ago...and their comments....and remember not agreeing at the time, but in hindsight, I can now see a bit more clearly and actually agree on where there was room for improvements. This is a good thing.

On the other hand, my daughter hates judges appraisals, she says theyre a waste of time and tells me off for reading them. "Who cares what someone's opinion is?" she asks (well, demands....) And I can see her point, but I dont think I'll change, I really love (and need) critical feedback. I think a lot of quilter's wait for these sheets with anticipation.....or is it just me?

Above is my most recent judges sheet....its a glowing report...and its the first one that is...I've also posted a sheet with my most favourite judges opinion of all from a few years back. The (translation is : "COURAGEOUS QUILTING") ??

It only took me an hour to decipher that....and I'm still working on the bottom comment - I have no idea what it says, if you can read it, let me know please!

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Nightshade, you're going to HOUSTON!

I'm happy to report that I received confirmation this last week that Nightshade has been juried into Houston!

Otherwise, I've just been busy dabbling in my sewing studio. Trying out a few new techniques and attempting to organise my chaos.

Something that has caught my eye is the new Inktense derwent pencils that have been advertised in quilting magazines lately, has anyone given these a go? I'd love to hear some feedback if you have.

That's all for now, I'm a little distracted as I have several sketches on the go, hopefully I will have something new in the next day or two.

Monday, 11 August 2008

UFO goes back in its box

Well.... I started out with good intentions - found a UFO whilst tidying up my stash, decided to finish it to get it out of its box (and to have one less UFO to finish!)....but when I laid it out on the floor, my daughters hated it! So it got downgraded to a picnic quilt.....and now its been downgraded....right back into its box! Folded away for the next round of 'tidying up the stash'

What can I say? cleaning just brings out the inspiration in me and now I have 3 new quilt ideas that I'm furiously sketching and getting down, so I really dont have time for that UFO.

In the meantime, I did finish my blankets of love challenge and my daughter joined me and finished hers as well ('quality time' together....she stressed my sewing machine to its limit!) I'm amazed its still stitching as we went through quite a few needles..... anyway, 2 quilts in 2 says and off they were posted!

I'm not allowed to show any pics of them just yet- the rules wont let me until they have been judged. However after judging I will put them up.

I've been doing a lot of designing and sketching at the moment.... so I've been neglecting my emails and other computing stuff.... of well, sometimes creativity just gets in the way, but who's complaining?

I'M IN LOVE WITH RED, ITS MY FAV COLOUR AT THE MOMENT and thats all I'm revealing for now!

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Just remembered

I'm so excited, it looks good!

Yes, I've designed a brand new mystery BOM (I get really inspired when I'm cleaning- anything to distract), and I just had to share

It's called RED DELICIOUS. I'll keep you posted....

Turning chaos in calm

Well, I've finally knuckled down and stayed commited to tidying up my sewing area, machines, and fabric and thread stashes! And I'm not gonna blog until I've finished! Wish me luck, I'm only half way there - its a full time operation.

I dare not start on colour coding my fabris stash - thats a 6 month task!
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