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Back in 2016 I designed and made my daughter's wedding dress from scratch. I started out with a Butterick dress pattern and then set that aside to create a new custom style. Since then I've been so busy that I haven't updated you on how beautifully the dress turned out. It was spectacular. And most importantly, it was exactly what the bride wanted.

Anyhow, since my epic Bodice Vs. Corset learning curve, I've been flooded with requests for info on how to make the bra based bodice. I've even run 3 workshops showing how it's done in person. But obviously, I can't be everywhere. Every year there's a spike on my blog of people searching for posts on how to make a custom bra fitted bodice and I receive emails asking me about this every spring and summer (wedding season?!) So to make the search easier, I have listed all the relevant posts below.


I learnt this the hard way: a corset does NOT offer bust support, what many women call a 'corset' when describing what they want is actually a fitted bra bodice. This is what I have made and shown in tutorial format in the last few posts below.

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  1. Congratulations about "getting the dress done on time" I am looking forward to hearing more about it once you settle down after such a mammoth job. The last fitting photo looks lovely.


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