Saturday 30 December 2017

My Quilting Year: Looking Back Over 2017

For me, 2017 has been all about learning and coming to grips with technology. Although the internet hasn't changed the way I create, it has changed the way I communicate and connect with others. And it's been a steep learning curve.

For one thing, this was the year I realized I had to change my BOM installment delivery method. It was a year of technical glitches and trying to understand that sometimes, emails get sent from the server and ping that they have reached the other server... but somehow never make it into the in-box. A double frustration for everyone involved.

Happily I can report that my BOM 2018 file deliveries will be a breeze in comparison. You simply need to log in and download what you want. I wish I'd done this sooner, but you live and learn. Just like Facebook. I resisted moving my BOM Group over to the Facebook platform for y-e-a-r-s, but now I can't imagine doing it anywhere else! The fact is, there is no other platform that allows users to share their work so quickly and easily as Facebook does - and for free. I know a lot of people resist Facebook out of privacy concerns and I was one of those people, but you can set up a private account just to join the Group and it's definitely worthwhile. This year we passed the 7000+ membership mark. Given what a close knit community we are, this number seems staggering. When you're in the Group, it really feels like a cosy get together - thanks to the efforts of our Moderators.

And what about the quilts? Honestly, I design so many quilts that I sometimes forget which ones I've released. So a yearly round up seems like a timely reminder of what I managed to get done these past 12 months.
'Diamond Hill'
It all started with Diamond Hill, my free BOM for 2017. I just loved the idea of an applique BOM full of beautiful 'free range' flowers blooming on a hill, surrounded by steps of glittering diamonds. And BOM wise, all the Diamond Hill beauties out there simply shone - it's a stunning quilt. 

'Secret Garden' 
Next up was my Mystery BOM, Secret Garden. An intricate applique quilt full of the wonder and beauty of gardens, this design kept me busy all year. 

By March I was thinking about pieced quilts and what to do with all those off cuts that were too nice to throw away. And, oh I love everything about this pieced quilt: it's a foundation pieced wonder that eats up all your scraps and lets you enjoy them in a interesting hex style design. You simply make up your hex's from all your favourite leftovers and then join all the blocks up when you're done. Perfect! I have 3 x Hexit's on the go right now from different fabric scraps and can't wait until they come together one day. 

'Egg Hunter Trio'
For Easter I wanted to have some fun with gorgeous prints and a super sweet bunny and bursting tulip heads. I made three versions, all available together, to allow you to choose which best suited your own Easter decor needs. For me, it was always going to be Tulips and I offered this style in both a landscape and portrait arrangement so that everyone could fit some quilted art on their walls.
I can already tell that this trio of wall hangings will be around for years to come
We all know Tulips represent passionate love and the the pussy willow was added to symbolize a bending branch. The last option, the Egg Hunter was all about hunting beneath some gorgeous bunting.

 'Tickled Pink'
In April it was time for some simple but effective piecing and Tickled Pink is another one block wonder. You just work out how to make up the first one and then go from there. The blocks are nice and large and completely accomplish-able - perfect for making up a quilt top in no time at all. 

'Mia May'
In May I decided to release a fun and easy small quilt - perfect for cot and crib. The bold, easy applique made it perfect for showing off those gorgeous baby prints. 

In June, it was time to get back to my early days. I have always wanted to make a clamshell quilt and couldn't believe I hadn't got around to releasing my own version yet. Shelly took care of this and I love the pathways these clamshells make when you follow the design. 

'Thursday Flowers'
In August I started a wall hanging series of flower designs, made specifically to be shown on walls, gallery style. There are 7 in the series and I released 2 in 2017. The rest are coming in 2018. 

'Monday Flowers'

'On My Window, Flowers Bloom'
I ended the year on a high note with a final free mini BOM. This wall hanging applique BOM is all about flowers blooms against a window frame backdrop that shows off a bright or night sky.

Celebrating 10 years
A year passes so quickly and I'd actually forgotten that a few of these beauties happened in 2017 so I'm happy to have given them a final bow before the year is out. Thank you everyone, for supporting me with your incredible encouragement and friendship. It's a pleasure for me to release my patterns out into the world and each year I offer both free and paid designs to those of you interested in taking part in this creative journey with me.

In 2018 I celebrate 10 years of blogging and BOM-ing and it's going to be my biggest year ever. 
I can't wait for 2018 to start. It's going to be an amazing creative adventure. 

I hope you'll join me..


  1. Congratulations on 10 years! I joined in June 2013 just as you were first releasing Love Entwined. How I love that pattern. I will start mine one of these days. Looking forward to your 2018 projects. Blessings from Canada where it is 20 below celcius and we are knee deep in snow.

  2. Thank you, Esther for all your hard work and beauty in every design.You have stunned us all with your patterns.This has been an awesome year and I know this coming year will bring forth more of your beautiful designs. I am very excited for the new year to begin. It will be hard to decide which pattern to start first. I love them all. Thank you again, Esther. Happy New Year. God Bless you.

  3. OMG what beautiful quilts. Your talent is amazing. Loved seeing all of these at one time. Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year to you and yours.

  4. All were stunning, Esther. You are so giving! Happy New Year.


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