Friday 14 October 2016

Sweet 2016, Part 9: Rosette Cake

This month is a whole lot of fun, we’re making a Rosette Cake—a gorgeous decoration style that uses piped swirls to resemble lines of roses. Our rose swirls are made from yo-yo’s and are topped with tiny ribbon roses for that finishing touch. My ribbon skills aren't quite up to making these little finishing roses, so I purchased mine. They can be purchased inexpensively at any craft store. I actually bought mine off ebay for $2

When making your yo-yo’s be mindful of the 4 sizes used throughout the cake. There are three large yo-yo sizes and 12 mini yo-yo’s that slot in-between. Trace the cake background as a plain, simple shape. Then, make your yo-yo’s. When completed, add them on top of the cake background base. The mini yo-yo’s will be tucked in between the larger ones, so don’t worry about overlapping, it’s fine. I’ve indicated an X where 3 ribbon roses belong on top of yo-yo’s that can’t otherwise be seen.

Will you opt for lovely pink like I have? Or perhaps two shades of chocolate? Creamy white or lemon? I can’t wait to see!

Here's how I made mine:
First I cut out my cake background, then I set about making all the yo-yo's according to the sizes listed in the pattern. 
Once all my yo-yo's were complete, I popped them into place. You can see that my yo-yo's all fit nicely into the cake: if you keep to the yo-yo sizes listed, yours will too. The only yo-yo's you need to squeeze in are the mini yo-yo's in light pink. They get slotted in between the larger yo-yo's and the ones surrounding the centre yo-yo are almost invisible - but each one will still get it's finishing rose.
Now it's time for the finishing touch - ribbon roses. You can buy these in several sizes at many craft and haberdashery shops. Of course, if you're handy with ribbon work, you can always make your ribbon roses ;) As for me, I'm not so handy with ribbon and I found these on Ebay for an inexpensive $2
too cute !
I sewed these all in. You know how much I love gluing things in place to save time when I can, but there's a limit to glue and these ribbons need to be stitched down. 
Remember that all the yo-yo's need a mini ribbon rose - even the yo-yo's you can barely see around the centre large yo-yo (below). The centre top rose is a bit squashed but it still works and looks better than if it wasn't there.
This is where we are up to, quilt wise:
Just 3 more blocks to go!

'Sweet 2016' is my current Mystery Applique BOM
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Understanding the pattern release schedule: anyone can join Sweet 2016 at any time and when they do, they will receive a new block each month from that point onward. The day they receive each new block will depend on the date they signed up and made their first payment. Everyone who starts Sweet 2016, starts at the beginning, Part 1. Specific blocks cannot be purchased out of turn. 

Whenever you choose to start this BOM, be sure to keep us updated on your progress by sharing your work over in our Sweet 2016 BOM Facebook Group, see you there!


  1. Hi Esther!
    Love the rose cake!
    I just saw one on The Great British Bake Off!
    This is tuning into one gorgeous cake shop pattern!

  2. I love all the goodies under glass. Now all I need to do is find a bakery that offers them!

  3. This is so fabulous, Esther! What a great way to use yo-yos. They look EXACTLY like a fancy bakery cake.

  4. Well, yum-mee. How delicious and pretty!

  5. Very very beautiful and mouth watering, I'd love to see a real one like it. I love using yo yo's. So this will be fun.
    Love it in pink. Glenda


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