Friday 1 April 2016

Love Entwined: Month by Month: Part 2

Completing the Compass of Part 1 was such a noteworthy achievement in the creation of this quilt that framing the compass with its own 'crown' and embroidering between the points felt easy in comparison. Something that caught my imagination straight away with the coverlet was the desire the original maker had to add flourish wherever she could possibly squeeze it in. And what a romantic eye she had too, so many flourishes and surprises. In Part 2, we squeeze in some of those tell tale flourishes and attention to detail with little daisies growing our from between each crown point.

The pattern gives you a template for applique-ing these and that was my original attention, but when I was searching for fabric, I came across little flower heads that just spoke to me. So I decided to fussy cut them and over embroider their design. Then, once I'd started I simply carried on an embroidered the entire stem and leaf as well. Consider your options. I knew they'd be plenty of tiny applique ahead and didn't want to exhaust myself so early on in the pattern - and just felt like embroidering the little flowers. Something I later learned is that the coverlet tends to have a mind of its own. When you begin handling it yourself, it will let you know what works and what doesn't. Just go with the flow, I had so many set ideas and all of them fell away when I actually starting making the quilt. I just started and found that it formed its own style. So remember that you can tweak each stage to suit your mood, just as I have with these flowers around the crown.
When it comes to the zig zags, pick a fabric you really love as you will be making 152 of them (76 light and 76 dark). I prepped mine and set them aside for weeks at a time, sorted by lights and darks (and a picture of the completed quilt to keep me going!). It all fit nicely in an old chocolate box and I carted this box around with me to work patiently one zig and one zag at a time.

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  1. Thanks soooo much Esther! this is so helpful. I appreciate your guidance and support.
    Bobbie Bentley


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