Friday 7 November 2014

LE: Auditioning Border Fabrics

Having the centre completed fills me with so much enthusiasm, I can hardly wait to move on now. I have been working on bits and pieces of the pattern out of turn (according to the monthly pattern release) so once I have the border on, it's all going to feel 'nearly finished'.

But you know me, another quilting day = another fabric dilemma. I have whittled it down to three most likely potentials with a few wild cards thrown in for good measure. Actually, I think they all work in their own way. The challenge is staying sympathetic to the centre and the overall scrappy feel as each fabric pulls attention in and from different elements in its own way.

This green looks more complimentary in real life than it appears in the pics and is definitely a smooth choice. It really blends.

And it kind of grows on you as well. The more I see it, the more I like it. 

I've been really taken by the HopeChest range and this tone of red just settles right in with my scrappy style.

It does take the quilt in a different direction, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. And I like that I can potentially fussy cut for the border too. It's lively...but maybe too lively and I'm not sure I want to take any attention away from the hundreds (thousands?) of hours of work on the applique of this quilt. And yet, I keep pulling it out as a potential. There's something about it which really appeals to me. Mind you, I am making another LE - in red and white, so maybe this is too much. 

It's not as stark as you might first think when it's in position
yes, it's charming, isn't it?

This is the leading fabric. Having been used in the compass, it blends. And the mustardy gold keeps it decidedly scrappy and Georgian. I do keep returning to it. Nevertheless, I find myself wanting to experiment with other options to be really sure before I commit. There's just too much at stake in this quilt to use the wrong border fabric. I wish I wasn't so indecisive when it comes to fabrics - I must admit that quilting fabrics and colours are my weakness. I'm not so undecided about anything else in my life. I really annoy myself with all this fabric auditioning sometimes. The problem is, I just see too much potential in everything!

This fabric is from the same range, but a different colour.

And I can't help myself, from day one, I have wanted to use polka dots somewhere significant on this quilt and yet they have never worked in my scrappy style. I think the problem is that I have such a soft spot for polka dots generally and am always trying to incorporate them into my quilts. I am going to design a polka dot BOM to get it out of my system - and use up all my polka dot stash at the same time. I've been thinking about this for a few years now and can never resist another spotty or polky fat quarter. 

I'm sure I can't be the only one??

Much too busy. Finally I can strike one option off the list.

Even when it's an obvious 'no', I can't help but give the fabric every opportunity to shine!

Isn't this pink toned beige gorgeous? I love this antique style print. Although, seeing it now in a picture makes me realise that it's better suited to another quilt project. Maybe something more like Lily Rose.

I've narrowed it down between my mustardy gold, the light green and red. I will put LE up on my Design Wall, pinning the border fabrics in position and wait to see which looks best throughout the next three days when I'm not so intently thinking about it.


  1. you are moving along so quickly - it is amazing to see and here I am Ms Pokey

  2. Our eyes can rest on this green fabric.

  3. I really love the 'mustardy gold' fabric as it really seems to pick up on the yellows/golds/mustards that are popping off the centre piece.I can really sympathise as I also can spend ages on fabric choice, in fact that's mainly why I never started LE, I just couldn't decide on the fabrics and colours. Yours is looking fabulous!

  4. the Green gets my vote, for what it is worth, it plays off all the leaves beautifully, and doesn't shout over the applique

  5. Oh I love that antique gold one - but it's your quilt. All of them are good choices in their own way.

  6. I know how difficult it is sometimes to find just the right fabric! I love the green or the mustard as I think they compliment the appliqué beautifully.

  7. It is difficult for us to give you advice Esther, for you can taste it in real, and we only have the photo's. I think you must have a second look at your beloved polka dots. I'll tell you why. Your center is gorgeous, and a party of color. The green one looks classic, but on the picture your center doesn't look classic to me, for the colors are brighter. The red one seems to be very busy, maybe a red fabric in a marble version or a batik should be a better choise, The mustard one looks good, it seems an safe answer to the center. The polka dot does not look too busy, and brings something exciting when I look at the photo. The next one is another tone of color on the picture, and the last one is a very classic one, maybe a bit too classic for your center.
    Maybe I should make another choise if I could see it in real, but this is what the pictures tell me.
    Take your time, and taste and taste. I'm sure you make a good choise, for all your work is always in balance! Have a nice weekend and regards!

  8. Oh such pretty fabrics! I love the gold fabric the best! It is rich like all the beautiful applique! But that polka dot looks good too!

  9. 1) red
    2) mustardy gold
    Or the other way around? Oh dear, difficult choice :-)

  10. Lovely to see all these pictures with the different choices. I also see potential in every possibility if it is about fabric choices. I would narrow it down to the mustard yellow or the green if I may say so.
    Still nice to see all the LE tops growing. (I only made the middle part, black background, Japanese fabrics).

  11. Oh Wowwww to many choices for me to choose one. Do love the red though LOL. Glenda

  12. It's hard to decide, they are all the more precious and more genre indecision;)
    Counting from the title of this post, I like the number 9 and the last photo.



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