Saturday 23 August 2014

LE: Stitching Down the Zig Zag Border

Finally, my zig zag border goes down. Last month I spent 3 days pinning down each zag zag against the pattern precisely in alternating shades of light and dark. In that post I showed you how I was hand stitching the seams between the light and dark units together (left).

Some of you reading this blog (but not making or reading the pattern) wondered what I was using on the applique pieces - I'm using Floriani stitch n wash fusible. You don't remove this product, you just keep on working. When washed, it simply goes away. I have used it in many projects previously and I like the results it gives.

Today, I'm taking this half assembled zig zag border, accurately placing it on my background fabric and hand stitching it into position.

Yes, I'll be hand stitching all my applique, all the way. This is a decision I made when I stated LE, it is an heirloom quilt and its one of those 'once in a lifetime' quilts and I'm going for 1790 authenticity with hand stitching and intense attention to details. This is a quilt of flourishes, fussiness and time.

Preparation, repetition, addiction: a true labour of love

If you're making this quilt yourself, remember to add your own LE based blog posts over in the Love Entwined Archive at the top of this blog. We love seeing how every quilter makes LE their own - me included!


  1. Wow, this is a lot of work. But on the end it will be fantastic.

  2. I love your box that you are using to store your pieces in - I too will be doing all by hand - and I really and truly will get back to it this winter!! I have taken a long enough break from LE

  3. Your Zig Zag border looks lovely in these colours Esther, it looks like you have enough left over to give you a good start on your final Zig Zag border too even though I still have not finished my centre?????? I have been making them for my final border in between other bits and pieces as I don't want to end up just making those at the end LOL. Glenda

  4. Esther this is a work of art I just know it will be magnificent for sure. You are amazing.


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