Wednesday 7 May 2014

WOW: Talking LE Thread

WOW = WIPs on Wednesdays

Today I'm sorting through my threads, looking for good LE colours. Then I'll be working on LE, there's always little bits and pieces to be preparing or sewing down. 

I've had a few emails asking me what thread I used on my Heart Tombola gift and also why I always have baby wipes in my applique stitching pictures ?

I always use and recommend Aurifil. I just love this thread. Yes, it is a little thicker than most but I find I can use it with all my machines with no problems, so do give it a try, the clear stitches you can get from it makes investing in a trial spool well worth the investment.

The baby wipes are for my hands - I handle a lot of glue (not all at once!) but the tiny dots of glue can build up on your hands and become tacky. Especially after several hours. 

Baby wipes keep my hands clean and keep my fabric spotless. When creating such intense applique quilts, it's all too easy for fabrics to become smudged with tacky glue. This tackiness attracts dirt. Also, I physically handle the quilt a lot, sewing down pieces and in between I might get dust on my hands from my fabric stash or from handling my machine or leafing through a book and all these little undetectable touches can dull the fabrics so that they look tired or worn, even when the quilt is newly made. 

Have you ever seen that yourself? I see it quite often on white and light quilts and my LE has a white background and has months of handling ahead of it. So that's why! 

Actually, come to think about it, my quilt is probably the cleanest thing in my house!

What's Your WOW ?


  1. Wow love the thread collection. I also love Aurifil. I do have a you use 30 weight just for "embroidery" touches or for piecing and appliqueing down also? Thanks.

  2. I love your boxes of thread, you have many more shades than I do and I have a 100 spool count Gutermann cabinet.

  3. Your stash has dust?
    Esther, you got to let it out more!

    Beautiful threads~
    Sharyn in Kalama

  4. Wonderful thread collection Esther. Are they all Aurifil or is that just the thicker one? Celia

  5. oh my! I actually did my post really early this morning and just realized I hadn't linked up yet!

    I don't know what LE stands for, but those stitches do look very nice.
    Interesting that a thread that looks that thick works fine in your machine.

  6. I have aurifil in the 50- but not the 30-wt. Do you use the 30 for both embroidery and applique?

  7. Esther, I'm so impressed with your machine writing! It's amazing. Thank you for hosting WOW. I appreciate it.

  8. I won a package of different weights of Aurifil in cotton and wool. I wasn't sure the best use for the different weights. If the 30 will make my stitching look like yours,well, I think I'll start using it! (But I know there is more to thread to make something awesome).

  9. I love your selection of threads!
    Great tip to have baby wipes on hand, why didn't I think about it? LOL

  10. So jealous of your thread collection I could cry! What beautiful colours!


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