Tuesday 15 April 2014

Love Entwined Part 11 is Launched

Here we go again: we're back to making two borders
this month, and what a beautiful set they make!

Border 3 is all about entwined leaves; and in Part 11 this month, the top border has an ongoing flower / element / angel design whereas the bottom of Border 3 finishes with a bird. I have been charmed by this bird in the bottom corner, it's the only difference between the two blocks and immediately caught my eye when I first came across this quilt. Maybe because I always sneak a bird somewhere in my quilts designs too. Of course, this bird isn't so much snuck in as it is simply an extension of the elements of this design.

I have spent a long time looking at Border 3 and I still don't have answers to the questions it has posed, so I'd love to hear your opinions

You might wonder, as I often have when considering the original, what the elements used in border 3 stand for? It’s interesting to consider if the shapes running along all of border 3 are angels, guardians...or something else? These were drawn from the original as closely as possible and they do have this head/wing shape.

Originally I thought they were candlesticks,
then I changed my mind to Angels. 

What do you see?

Of all the borders, Border 3 speaks to me as being the work of a person: someone with beliefs, values and ideas about their world. Someone who sat down and actually made this coverlet. It's easy to forget sometimes, that this coverlet is imbued with someone's personality. Sadly, I can't tell you anything more about that woman, so we'll have to let her design choices speak for her.

I don't know why I like this block so much, perhaps because it's so unexpected and modern looking

This is the central element, I think it's so charming

Of all the blocks in this quilt, those in border 3 strike me as the most hopeful and remind me that this was the marriage coverlet of an unknown woman; someone very real, not just an idea. These design elements are a direct extension of her hopes and fears for the remaining days of her life.

More than any other part of the quilt, these blocks remind me that we are re- creating a piece of history; handling an unknown woman’s legacy whilst creating our own heirloom.
So I invite you, as always, to make these blocks meaningful to you.

‘Love Entwined 1790 Marriage Coverlet’ is a Free 18 Month Historic BOM
Each ‘block’ of the month is released monthly, on the 15th of each month. All ‘blocks’ are available for free 
All ‘blocks’ are available for download via my Yahoo BOM Group only


  1. this is such a pretty border - I don't see part 11 listed in the file though - I will check back tomorrow and see if it is there.

  2. Thank you once again Esther for this treasure. What comes to my mind when I have looked at this border is the angels first and the laurel leaf which represents nature and the continuation of life from year to year. Pomegranates for Life and Roses for Love. For me this is the quilters romantic personality been displayed. Cheers Glenda

  3. Thank you Eshter for part 11. Love the borders, and I see angles in the border.
    Haven't started yet with the LE. but I'm saving all the parts and when the time is right I'll go for it.
    Have a great day.
    Wilma van den Bergh
    Ede, Nederland

  4. I love the idea of the elipses going over and under like that. Definitely something to use in any quilt. She was brilliant whoever made the original coverlet!

  5. Before I even read what you wrote, I looked at the design and asked myself, "Are those angels?" (First impressions)

  6. I am new to your site and appliqué. I am excited to have found you but I am having trouble finding the links for the patterns I so want to make this. Can you please help me?
    Thank you so much,

  7. Hi Esther
    What a gorgeous border! I had a look at LE in my Averil Colby, and I thought the shape looked like a stylised tulip flower. It seems to have a stem with leaves. I have to say, though, that my eyesight isn't improving with age! :)


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