Monday 2 December 2013

Introduce a Quilt: 12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas is a festive wall-hanging I designed especially for Christmas. I always get asked about this quilt at this time of year, so here it is.

It was my 3rd free BOM. I love this wall hanging, I designed it to go up on Dec 1st each year and it already feels like a tradition. It’s a wonderful addition in my house, and given that I won’t have a tree this year (due to travel), it will have extra pride of place in my home.

It's a simple design with lots of room for embellishment, so you can make it as simple or fussy as you like! I must admit that I liked the tree diamonds even before the baubles were added and it could have worked as a tree with the peace dove alone...but I did enjoy making the 12 characters and of course, you could add any motifs to the baubles, I know a quilter has made this quilt with family photographs in place of the characters, so really, anything goes!

It isn't quilted yet – it’s been going up each year as is and whilst it’s lovely I can't wait to quilt it and post my quilting pics here on my blog. 

Like a lot of my projects, my old machine wasn't up to quilting it when I was ready to be quilted, so I was waiting for my new sewing machine so that I could finish all these projects for once and for all! But with my new Bernina issues, it just didn't get done this year. Hopefully it will be quilted for next Christmas, I'll keep you posted!

You can purchase the pattern for this quilt, as a digital download, from my online shop, via my website.


  1. Mine isn't finished yet either. I need to get it out and work on it. With or with out the baubles. I think it would be nice to quilt it before adding the baubles. I enjoyed making this so far.

  2. Mine is not only finished but has hung for 3 years now. I LOVE this quilt and smile at it every time I walk past it. Again, Thank You for this mystery.


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