Wednesday 21 August 2013

WOW: Fabric Time

 WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays
Finally, it's fabric time. No, not Love Entwined Fabric time, shirt fabric time! These are all fabrics from my stash. It feels good to be putting them to use! All up I'm making 5 shirts. I am in love with this bold fabric of roses on a black background. Ordinarily I don't like wearing black, but with the bold colours shining through, I'll make an exception. This fabric was actually selected to be a table runner for my large table a few years ago. All I had to do add some ribbon along the edges and I would have been done. I'm so glad I didn't, I know I'll get more wear from it as a shirt.

This is my 'monkey print' shirt.
My DDs kindly pointed out that it looked like I was wearing monkey faces when up this way

So I'll be wearing it THIS way (below),
where it now looks like a pattern and not a distracting set of eyes!
Again, black is a little unusual for me, but I love the olive and yellow
Green is my favourite colour and although I haven't made it yet, this is my new favourite shirt!
I might even make 2x straight away (if I have enough for sleeves), otherwise the second one will have to have either brown or olive inset sleeves which I'm yet to find in my stash

Pink and Green: how pretty is this fabric?
It's so vibrant and fresh, I can't wait to wear it on those hot, long days

This is a spray of flowers on navy blue, I selected it because it's just so practical
It doesn't show up great on screen, but I has great reds, green variations and beige's mixed in which makes it so versatile in my wardrobe.

Well, I've got plenty to be getting on with today! Wednesdays are turning into my sewing days, hopefully I'll keep up this habit for the rest of the year.

What's Your WOW ?


  1. good for you being able to make shirts - I'm afraid I can make quilts but very little in clothing

  2. Hi Esther sounds like you are getting ready for this very very hot summer they are warning us we will get this year. Love love that green fabric and the monkey fabric sure made me laugh, but i agree great colours in the fabric. Not sure I like the word practical sound like house work to me LOL> But I like the fabric. Cheers Glenda

  3. Very pretty fabrics for shirts. I haven't done much cloth sewing since getting hooked on quilting. I laughed at the monkey fabric but I could see the faces when you said that
    Helen Anne

  4. WOW indeed! The green one is very elegant! And isn't it good to have DDs who 'see' things we don't?

  5. Wonderful material loved the monkey eyes!!!

  6. Love the fabrics Esther ! I have a goal to start making my own sundresses... and friend at work loaned me her home grown pattern. Such choices of fabric -- how can we NOT do it ?

    Lovely -- thanks for sharing.

  7. Great fabrics Esther for your shirts, what fun. Can't wait to see them made.

  8. First time I have been on your blog but I love the fabrics you featured today. My kind of person, you are!


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