Wednesday 7 November 2012

WOW: Christmas Rum Raisins

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

Yes, I said Christmas!

This morning I noticed our Rum Jar was empty. 'No big deal' I thought, 'I've got plenty of time to make another one in time for Christmas'. And then I realised. It is Christmas (well, yes, nearly!) and I don't have plenty of time.

My birthday is usually a kind of tipping point. I start thinking about Christmas after my birthday. Well, it was a tipping point, this year the Christmas stock reached my local shops at the end of September, so it never really feels like the Christmas season has 'arrived' instead it comes early and waits around whilst I'm doing the october birthday shopping. And then because I get used to seeing goods everywhere, I almost forget about preparing for it.

So before I even had my first coffee of the day, I filled the jar with a mix of raisins, sultanas and currants (luckily we had some deep in the pantry) and added just enough rum to cover the fruit.

And I'll give it a shake every few days to help it mellow and mature a little faster (it's usually a January task and I let it sit all year), and if there are any more warm days (which I'm sure there will be) I'll try to remember to leave it on the window ledge for a few hours too. Hopefully that will make up for my missed time...and my traditional christmas baking won't have to go without out drunken raisins.

When baked in cakes and biscuits, you can't taste the rum in the end product - it simply tastes rich and warm and aromatic. Of course, it's also really good over vanilla ice cream and the thick syrup that congeals in the jar is something of an elixir to drizzle over crepes. I'll definitely make a full batch in January again as this half jar will only get us over the festive season.

Where has the year gone?

Do you have any Christmas WIPs ?


  1. Hi Esther,
    Got the fruit for DD's wedding cake - have to 'soak it down' this week, I think I should have started sooner - I only have 12 months left!!!!!

  2. Well my mouth was watering while reading about your rum raisins. Sounds so good, but I never make fruit cake love it too much. LOL
    I don't have any WIP's for Christmas so far. Who knows someone will want something LOL. Enjoy those raisins.

  3. Hi Ester, those rum raisins sound good, might give that a try. I make these brandy soaked prunes every time my partner buys some whiskey or rum . Just put prunes in a nice jar pour over whiskey or brandy or rum, , what ever you like. Leave for a month if you can and then eat them ..oh so good. also they make lovely gifts for friends at xmas. sue~nz

  4. Happy Birthday, Esther - what a nice day you had. All those flowers! You are loved.


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