Friday 13 July 2012

Home Again

out for a stroll

It's nice to be home again. I'm still a little travel weary and jet lagged, but overall I'm glad I managed to spend so much quality time with my elderly mum. She's 83 and has had a really rough time lately; a broken pelvis, cracked spine and is waiting for her second knee replacement. Every day spent with her was really precious to me.

Something about my mum - she's full of beans, always busy and always doing something. She just finds so much energy to get things done. She looks after a large house and vegetable garden daily. Her garden is half of what it was, and it's still so productive (and large in my opinion).

her vegetable garden as of last week
she also has a flower and fruit garden

She's also a bit of a cleaning freak. I'm really not. When she couldn't use the vacuum cleaner any longer because even the smallest unit was too heavy, she went out and found a kind of non electric hand glider that collects dirt and dust from the floor. It's remarkable how serious she is about getting those daily chores done! I don't need much of an excuse to get out of my housework...I've often thought I'm this way because she was always cleaning when I was growing up...but that might be an excuse!!

I should really take a leaf out of her book and do more. Sometimes seeing how much other people do makes me realise how much more I could get done. I really think I need to organise my time better to get more from my day.

Another thing she repeatedly told me was that I need to lose weight...and well, I can't argue with that! She also still likes to tell me how to set the table the right way for lunch (her way). Actually, it was quite funny because I see a lot of my DD's behaviour in her stubborn ways as I've never really been too concerned about things like that. It's funny how the older you get, how much more you see.

I took lots of photos as she went about cooking and getting ready to go out. I had to take a snap of her waiting for me to get ready... and it was an opportune moment because after matching her sandals to her dress...she had to make a last minute handbag change before we left!

Now that might be something I have inherited I have a fair share of handbags myself! 

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  1. She sure has a lot of energy to look after that beautiful garden. It is funny how we see some of the negatives in ourselves through family members. It seems to stand out more vividly. Also love to see the positives too. So nice for you to spend time with your Mom.


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