Monday 14 May 2012

Any Excuse for Roses

Yesterday was Mother's Day,
and whilst I'm a mother every day of the year,
it's a nice excuse for roses!

I definitely didn't need an excuse for cake... and will be resisting today.
My DH will have to finish it off!

Today I also realised that it's time for Part 4 this week!
How are you going with your Forget Me Not?


  1. Hi Esther, Happy Mother's Day. I got red roses too.

  2. I just finished part one of Forget me not and posted it on my blog. I wanted to post to the Yahoo group but my computer wouldn't let me post direct from the camera and I am so computer challenged that I couldn't figure out what to do. I'll post when I get help but love the block. #2 is ready to go. Thanks so much for this fun BOM.


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