Saturday 29 October 2011

For the love of Red

Will my love affair with Red & White ever end?
“Around 1830, quilts made of red, green, and white became very popular, but it was not until 1880 when the cloth called Turkey-red was imported from Germany that solid red and white quilts could be made. Turkey-red was a good, permanent, non-fading red. Cloth made from American dyes ran and faded to pink within three washings. It took the First World War, when European imports were unobtainable, to start American dye makers on the trail of a permanent red. They succeeded in finding several; but it was not until after the Second World War that permanent shades of red became available in cloth of all price ranges.”
I could read about red fabric all day long….And I'm finding all these details fascinating.
I was lucky enough to receive this book, published in 1966, from a friend. I can’t believe that it’s found its way to my bedside table after so many years; it’s very readable and completely charming. I also can’t believe how far we’ve come, fabric production wise, in what is a relatively short span of time.

Luckily there is no impediment to stop quilt lovers making as many red quilts as their hearts desire nowadays!!
Red & White is a quilt classic,
and I'd love to know,
do you have one? or several?


  1. Yep, I just entered my newest R&W finish to the Blogger's Quilt Festival. Until the R & W Quilt show in NY I didn't think I needed one. You can see it here-

  2. I have made a couple of red and white quilts and have another one in the planning stages. I gave one away and might a similar one - I miss the one I gave away.

  3. I saw an amazing red and white log cabin quilt when doing a search through Quilters Gallery Quilting Bloggers in Europe. Silly me I forgot to link back to it and can I find it now - someday hopefully I'll find it again

  4. Peaceful Pathways is my very first red and white quilt, and I am loving it. Can't wait for Part 4


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