Tuesday 14 July 2009

Cherry Blossom

Block 9: Cherry Blossom
Block 9 is now available. For those of you who have been experiencing trouble with Scribd.com (or just don't like using it), have you considered joining the Esther Aliu BOM Yahoo Group? It's free to join and you have access to the available blocks easily once you are a member. It's also a great place to discuss ideas, techniques, and post pics of your fabulous finished blocks (my favourite bit!)


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for your lovely designs. What a pretty piece this is. Carol

  2. This is a very striking block. Very pretty.

  3. Beautifulllll!!! Thank you!

  4. Hi Esther
    I usually didn't have trouble with Scribd but this month I printed from the Yahoo page and it was sooooo much easier.
    Thanks for this great BoM. I'm loving it all.

  5. Thats great to know...i simply couldn't get a proper download off Scribd last month. I tired 3 times and all I got were 3/4 of the information fitted onto the page. It just wouldn't print page to page as if the image was too big.
    Will try Yahoo this time.

  6. I joined the Yahoo group, even though I will not be making this quilt until winter. Easy Peasy downloading!
    I have 3 cherry trees surrounding my cottage and was so pleased to see the cherry blossoms on this month's block.
    Thanks again for sharing your beautiful designs.
    Regards from Gail in Washington State


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