Tuesday 7 April 2009

Not eggs-actly a stash buster

Where are the months flying? It's nearly Easter which means it's nearly half way through the year. In many ways I feel like I've done a lot...however I also feel like I havent done anything!

I'm afraid that I came across 80cms of the rose print fabric above....and I just had to have it, as my green egg really didn't zing with any print I had in the stash at all. Well, nearly didn't - because I'd already decided to go with a black background (from my stash)...but fell in love with this print....Oh well.... I am going to be using it all up right away, so it's not like I'm 'adding' to my stash or anything like that...AND I am supporting my local patchwork store!


  1. I think it will go well together, nice work. I have not started on mine I think I will this afternoon tho and send the pic your way.

  2. Hi Esther,
    I just found your blog and am just blown away by your talent. I am your new biggest fan. I will be checking your blog regularly. I feel so inspired by you. I couldn't find your pattern for the egg. If you took it off, is there a place to purchase the pattern.


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