Thursday 8 January 2009

It's still a New Year

We're still in January, and already some fellow stash busters (who shall remain nameless) have faltered. I know it seems hard, but what better way to focus on creativity, and design, and resourcefulness than using what we already have? I'm commited to staying on track with this! In fact I've already started designing another stash busting quilt

It may be economy, shelf space or guilt, but whatever the motivation for stash busting, remember - hoarding fabric does not help quilts (even future quilts!) get made - I can vouch for this.

Just this week I caught my daughters wondering out loud about what they would do with all my fabric if I suddenly wasn't around...which motivated me to stop looking through my latest quilt catalogue ( I was just looking)

Now really, it's not that hard...and every month on the 15th its going to be just that little bit easier - with a new Red Delicious block and a new reason to use up whats already sitting on the shelf waiting to be used....


  1. I know exactly what you're talking about. I just spent 7days and 7nights cleaning my studio.

    Now I can quilt. LOL

  2. Very true! I try to use what's in my stash, and to use the patterns and books that I have already, and find new inspiration online -which is how I found you and your BEAUTIFUL Red Delicious blocks. Thank you for your generosity. Unfortunately I don't have the time to sew it as you post the blocks, but I'll get there eventually, and I will use my stash (mostly scraps!).
    Such a beautiful pattern will look gorgeous even if made from stash fabrics such as mine!

  3. Have you considered maybe making a few stacks and selling them on your blog?

  4. Well as you well know, I had to go purchase a few reds to be able to join in Red Delicious. One of my friends from TN, sent me some Red pieces and for Christmas another friend sent me 10 FQ's of red. I'm blessed with my dearest friends. I don't have much, but when I need it, Angles come to the rescue.

  5. Wow, Esther I've just found your blog and Red Delicious. I've never done applique but maybe I'll start now. I've just starting finishing some UFO's and trying to tidy up my sewing room. Oh well, life could be worse haha! If I never have money I have stash... and I can create so what more does a girl want...

  6. I really like the red BOM I did miss the second block I bet it was because of the power outage we had then I forgot about it. Now I see I have totally missed it . Well will have to see if I can get the others done then may have to order that one. darn.
    I did the re-organizing of my space last year. I spent the whole month of Feb. in the sewing room cleaning and sorting . I have been collecting fabric for over 30 years . TOO much to sort now better do it as one goes along in life . But I have made a big dent in the mess.I certainly do not want to have to pack it up and move ever!! And my sister always ask me How much is too Much?
    Thanks for your sharing your work !!

  7. I had a giggle - there are some among my fellow stitchers who would be happy to take some fabric off my hands. I have been making headway on the stash though and made most of my Christmas presents without buying any fabric. I have started the year in the same way and completed a number of bags already without making any purchases.
    Thanks for sharing Red Delicious.


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