Wednesday 14 May 2008

Full Speed Ahead!

After my third attempt, I'm finally happy with my centre...well almost.... I'm still deciding about the middle. Oh well, this quilt has a mind of its own. After a careful selection of fabric and my first draw up of what I just didnt work - so on I went, changing fabrics and one by one discarding all my lovely newly bought fabric and raiding my stash. Yes, all the fabrics I actually needed were already on my shelf. Nevermind the weeks of colour matching specific hues of gold, black and marble and beige....they will just have to wait for their turn....and another quilt design.

I wonder of every quilter goes through this moment, where you design something specific in mind, and it just takes on a life of its own?!

I have 280 leaves left to needleturn applique this week, so I am hoping the changes are finally done! As well as running out of time, I'm posting my progress to keep this quilt on track....

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