Friday 13 February 2015

Lily Rose: Sewing Down the Borders

Today I'm sewing in the borders and I hope to be done by lunchtime. I'm thinking about puffing out the oval frame by stuffing it lightly, just like I did over some of the flower details. I'll take a look at it when its all together and decide then what should be done. I'm feeling so determined to get Lily Rose completed as I know that its now or never. Meaning that if I don't finish this WIP now, when will I? I have so many WIPs I'm too daunted to even answer that question!

Often as I work I listen to the Quilt Show that I'll have running in the background or the radio. Today I opted for the radio and I've already had to change stations twice. There's a lot of nonsense on the radio about it being Friday the 13th. Well, I don't believe in bad luck or that a number can have any power over your luck, but if it did, surely talking about it non stop wouldn't help?? What about you? will you stay home today? Or avoid threading a needle?

Or do you have any other sewing superstitions you pay heed to?

Wednesday 11 February 2015

WOW: Lily Rose the CBBs

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

I'm working on those corner bits that are in each of the four corners of the centre. For LE, I resorted to calling certain shapes dewbies because I had no words for certian shapes. I don't know what to call these shapes, other than centre background bits or CBBs. They're lovely and I want them, I just don't know what to call them. Anyway, I've made one and I have the other three prepped and ready to be made. 

What's Your WOW?

Monday 9 February 2015

Lily Rose: Embellishing the Rose Buds

I've decided to dedicate another day to embellishing the bouquet with simple stitchery. In this case, I'm focusing in on the rosebuds to give them some dimension as I felt they were a bit flat.
 I'm simply highlighting areas in complimentary DMC threads and basic gobelin or straight stitch
 I think outlining has the biggest impact
It's a bit wrinkly, so I'm going to make a tiny snip behind the fabric and lightly stuff a tiny amount of batting behind the rose applique fabric to puff it out. At this stage I should mention that I have already sewn down my bouquet to the background fabric. It is in position.
I have lightly stuffed my pink flower centre in the same way, I think that little bit of dimension makes a real difference.
Love the puff :) 
 I'm looking forward to hanging Lily Rose and enjoying it every day
 these details just increase the pleasure 

Saturday 7 February 2015

Lily Rose: Stitching Down the Bouquet

I don't usually sew or blog on Saturdays - its strictly family and off screen time, but this weekend is an exception for me as I am home I thought I'd make the most of it and keep myself busy. I've had a really productive morning. After 45 minutes of tinkering on my disaster Bernina 820 machine, it randomly started sewing OK, so I decided to get stuck in.

I've been in two minds about this since last week when I was deciding how to stitch down my applique. I have put a lot of time and work into Lily Rose and at every turn, my Bernina 820 has failed me. It reduces the quality of my work and I get so furious and upset when I see hours of work being damaged by poor stitching. So just sitting down on this machine is an emotional annoyance for me, I never know if I'm going to regret it, or if it will work just fine. Today it isn't behaving 'fine', but it is behaving OK, so I made a dash for it.
I had plans to meet a friend for a quick coffee and maybe even lunch
but I called her earlier and said, 'the 820's working all of a sudden, I can't leave the house'
 So here I am later that same afternoon, blogging about it. I can afford to do that now as light is fading and I can't sew any more today anyhow. I will try again tomorrow and hope the the 820 pixies return and get the Bernina back into a good mood for me. 
Ridiculous, isn't it?
They say a good workman never blames his tools. That's too convenient for badly manufactured machines. I say a good seamstress never has to wait for her tools to be good.

Friday 6 February 2015

Lily Rose: Hand Stitched Details

I have turn edge applique-ed all my flowers, but I haven't sewn them down into position on the background yet. Before I do, I am hand sewing some simple, but I think highly effective, sprays of greenery between the flowers, like this. Using my pattern template outline as a guide for positioning. This is just the most simple straight stitching in an embroidery thickness thread. I'm using DMC thread here throughout from my stash. 
 the camera has bleached out my background, it should be as in the image above 

 in between the flower heads
 and peaking out from behind the major leaves
Such a little detail, such a big impact. I don't mind having spent a day creating these details, I think they make the quilt all the more special.
What do you think?

Wednesday 4 February 2015

WOW: Lily Rose, Flowers Finished

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

Sometimes I can stand back and say WOW about my own work. Not always, but sometimes. This is one of those times for me personally. This is how my bouquet had turned out. I love it. Naturally I'm biased, but I love the vase too. I'm so happy to have reached this stage, as I wasn't sure if I would have enough time to make this quilt. But I'm so glad I have. What do you think?
Don't you agree that this vase just zings? 
It's all thanks to that original and tricky to match up original purple moody set the mood for everything else. I love Lily Rose and already know where I'm going to hang it up so that I can see it every day. 

Although I have a release schedule for my pattern designs, when I actually get around to making them is another matter entirely! So, I'm working through Lily Rose now although it has already been 'out there' for a while. For those of you who missed Lily Rose when it was a free BOM, it's available in my shop at 50% off at the moment. I never usually have sales or discounts for my patterns - but at the moment I'm celebrating 5000 members over in my online shop which is why my patterns are on sale now. It's such a milestone that I wanted everyone to have the opportunity to 'catch up' on old patterns - especially new members, at the best possible price. Given that the next sale will be at 10,000 members (and it took 6 year years for us to reach 5,000) I don't think there'll be another sale in a long time!

I'm grateful to each of you who purchase my patterns, it's so nice to know that I have your support. Thank you. Now for me, it's more Lily Rose progress today and hopefully I'll be able to have this beauty done and quilted in the next few days. 

What's Your WOW ?

Monday 2 February 2015

AQC 2015 LE2 Workshop

Are you coming to my AQC LE2 Workshop? April is fast approaching and I'm getting excited about teaching this gorgeous class all over again (the first excitement was a few months ago when I designed it for the first time. Since then, it's been on the back burner...but not for much longer!).

Students who are enrolled in this class, please head over to the AQC 2015 dedicated page over on my website. You can do that now, by clicking here. It outlines what you need to do before the workshop so that you're class ready.

Basically you need to decide whether you want to work on a whole cloth background (that is, the background being in 1 50 x 50 inch square piece) or on a divided background (the background divided into 4 pieces).

Once you've decided on that, then all you have to do is select your applique fabrics. If you're anything like me, that's easier said than done. As you can see from the snippets here, for my LE2 wall hanging, I've opted for a red and white theme. This is a colour scheme I never tire of. I was planning on making a second Love Entwined in red and white but have realized that I won't be able to, time wise. I just don't have enough quilting years in me to get all my work done. So I've settled for making one Love Entwined and 1 LE2. It's a good compromise for me. And it means I still get to indulge my love for all things red.

For my zig zag border, I've gone with a light and dark combination, repeated. I think its very effective. And for my applique fabrics generally, I've selected reds and red prints in hues of light, medium and dark to create depth in my pieces. I've also dug out all my interesting scraps. LE2 is just calling out for fussy cutting and broderie perse, so if you have a fabric you love or really want to use, this is a great quilt to showcase your eye for detail. 

Isn't this a charming fabric?
I'm fussy cutting it!
and I'm having so much fun with those little details too. See this white stitch line? I hand stitched that in after turn edging the stem. Don't you think this little dash of white makes all the difference? It just picks up the stem. I love it! 
I'm so excited to be a part of AQC this year and to be sharing my love for applique in the LE2 workshop. For those of you who are in Melbourne in April, do head in and say hello. It's going to be a wonderful event and I'm really looking forward to meeting many new faces as well as familiar friends.

Love Entwined 2 (LE2) is a workshop based on the original Love Entwined. However, this version of the design is a larger focus of the centre applique block, as a wall hanging. It is an easier approach to Love Entwined with all the charm and enjoyment of the original. I'm delighted to be teaching it for the first time at AQC 2015.
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