Wednesday 3 October 2012

WOW = October 2012

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

It's wednesday again and it's October already.

For me, it feels as though October has come in too fast. I haven't been doing much on the WIP front lately and am desiring some serious sewing time as soon as my rib allows me to sit for long enough. I'm feeling very mindful that there's only 3 months left of the year...and still a lot I'd like to get done.

In my household, it's a busy day today as we prepare and enjoy the start of our 'birthday season', so of course there's lots of roses about.

Who needs an excuse to admire roses? Not me..

What's happening in your wednesday ?

Wednesday 26 September 2012

WOW = BOM Blocks

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

This week I've been catching up on my own BOM blocks.
Hibiscus, Violet & Pansy
I still can't do much quilting for very long at the moment, but I am slowly getting there.

Pop over into my Yahoo BOM Group
to see the great progress being made on this block by talented members!

Add your own WOW below!

Wednesday 19 September 2012

WOW: Getting Sea Air

WOW = WIPs On Wednesday

Here I am, wind swept!
Today I'm resting at home. Yesterday we spent the day at Venus Bay. It was a long drive but I really needed the sea air. My rib has been really hurting this week and I just needed to get out of the house!

It was windy and there was certainly plenty of sea air to take hopefully it will aid my recovery.
I can't sit comfortably for any length of time so I haven't even been in my sewing room (which still has shelves in need of fixing) and I've missed out on my usual quilting friendship groups too. I can't believe how long it's taking to feel better...:( Definitely looking forward to some WIP browsing.

Add your WOW !

Saturday 15 September 2012

Free Monthly Flower Block, 8

Forget Me Not: Part 8 is Launched!

This month you will choose between Violet & Pansy or Hibiscus. Of course, you may be like several of my Yahoo Bom Group members who are adventurous enough to be making both each month. I am too, because I have 2x DD's and it's hard to choose just one design each month....even for me.

Regardless of whatever else is going on, I'm always still really excited to launch each month's new block. And I'm always suprised with how quickly they get made. If you're not a member of my Yahoo Bom Group - join up and see for yourself how many talented quilters are making these blocks each month, it's inspiring!

My Violet & Pansy block this month is bright and contrasted - I wanted a vibrant block. Of course, violets and pansies come in various shades from the bright to the pastel and delicate, so you can select your own colours to suit your background. I know many of you are looking at the blocks you've made so far and thinking about the tone, colour balance and overall 'look' as you put your blocks beside each other and try to envision what the finished quilt top will look like...luckily you have much scope to adapt these blocks to suit your own style.

There's quite a bit of fussy cutting for me this month

I decided to stashbust this month and found the perfect yellow in this scrap piece. So I will be taking the yellow from here for my Hibiscus block. It's such a lovely yellow.

And I really like the green I settled on for the leaves as well.

The 'green' each month is becoming as important a choice as the flower heads.
Actually, I've found that in the making and then in looking over everyone elses blocks each month, green is such an important ongoing colour in the overall quilt look. Apart from the various shades of green being used, a strong green can tone down some bright flowers and a lighter green can really pick up some pastel flowers so that they don't appear drab.

We're reaching an exciting part in the mystery, where you have enough blocks so far to get a feel for your quilt top...but really no idea as to what's coming next!

Love it!

These are blocks from Part 8
of my free 2012 Mystery BOM Forget Me Not

Yes, anyone can join in:
You can download this month's block via my website or my Yahoo Bom Group 

Wednesday 12 September 2012

WOW: Another Bear Finds A Home

WOW = WIPs On Wednesday

It feels really good today, knowing that this cute bear is on his way to his new home.
I don't like keeping my bears boxed up and it always feels so nice to send them on to a home where they're wanted. And one less boxed bear is more WIP space for me. No I haven't tidied my studio up yet because of my cracked rib, so I've been catching up on my reading.

How's your wednesday?

Monday 10 September 2012

Here I Go Again

Things have been very quiet in my world these last 2 weeks, as unfortunately I have lapsed back into the flu. I'm feeling awful and this time around it's much worse as I discovered yesterday that I have a cracked rib!

I've never had a broken bone before, so this has come as a big shock. I've been in a lot of pain, but was really suprised to hear that I'd cracked a rib. I don't know how or when it happened - which seems impossible, but I really haven't injured or hurt myself. My Dr. thinks it happened when I coughed too severely during my new bout of flu...which I can't believe is possible....but must be!

So it's rugged up, drinking tea and more rest for me. I am so sick and tired of resting. It really hasn't been my month! Hopefully I'll be on the mend...again...soon.

Wednesday 5 September 2012

WOW: Much Ado About Nothing

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

Last night we awoke to a thunderous bang! What was that? We all shouted as we ran about the house trying to work out what was going on. Well, it was my fabric mountain. My shelf collapsed under the weight of all my fabric (and a few other tools stashed there) and toppled over. Hmm. I was meaning to fix that slight lean. Everything is in a heaped up mess.  

So that's that. I've been putting it off. But now it's just gone too far. It looks like I'll be spending the next week or so going through everything, sorting it out and ...well....having a much needed clear out.

I will post some photos as soon as I find my camera (which I keep and charge in my sewing studio) and which I know is nestled beneath a box I need my DH to move for me.

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