Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Shrove Tuesday

I don't indulge in pancakes very often,
so it makes Shrove Tuesday extra special

And I'm quite glad this delicious tart cherry syrup jam is almost finished,
so that I won't be tempted to eat it again for breakfast tomorrow

Because I am supposed to be eating healthily after my festive season of indulgences, but with my DH's birthday this week...well, I will try.

As for the new Mystery Quilt BOM

I feel somewhat behind because I am a bit stuck in my ways... and like to 'sit' with a fabric before deciding on it for certain. As the fabric has only just arrived, I dont feel certain enough yet.

So I have still not chosen my background hue. I think I've decided, but I will know for sure in the next few days. As for the quilt's name, all will be revealed when I share the button here later this week.


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